Flamingo – First in, last out

Time flies when you’re having fun, no doubt and this Summer was no exception… too many first time accomplishments and too many slams to count. It’s hard to believe the Fall should be better than it is now. The regulars know the promise of Fall time in Flamingo… we wait in great anticipation of cooler … [Read more…]

An Inspiring Soul

In Flamingo, lots of mosquitoes and lots of thunderstorms mean lots of fish. This time of year typically lends itself to the real Sportsman… one who can deal with the Flamingo winged natives and one who doesn’t mind sporting rain gear on occasion. The parking lot is empty and the fish see very little pressure… … [Read more…]

Dangerously Hot

Dangerously Hot With water temperatures exceeding the mid 90 degree mark on the flats, it can be stressing on the anglers and even more stressing on the fish. High temps mean low oxygen, which pushes Snook toward deeper water and slows the Reds down slightly. Keeping this in mind is half the battle when formulating … [Read more…]

Summer Slammin’

Another great week rounds out a phenomenal month in Everglades National Park… with good numbers of Redfish and Snook on the flats, tons of Trout in every basin and pods of Tarpon cruising shorelines, you can take your pick or target them all! Summertime patterns are in full affect and once you get passed the … [Read more…]

Redfish Rodeo

As I idled up to a famous Florida Bay flat, we were met by the Sun’s first peek over the horizon. When I turned the engine off, the familiar sounds of happy mullet surrounded us. I joined my long time client on the bow platform for the show… in the distance we could see dozens … [Read more…]

Luck Favors The Prepared

Whether spending a day with a guide or in your own boat, being properly prepared can mean a more successful day on the water. The next time a professional fishing circuit is in town, visit some of the Pro fisherman the day before game day. You will find them spending hours on hours checking line, … [Read more…]

Stealth Is Key

In the skinny stuff, stealth is key. If you want to catch the fish you see, both your approach and presentation have to be stealthy. Chances are, if the fish hear or see you, they will not eat. Everything is fair game here… sounds from the engine down to the whip in your cast will … [Read more…]

Fishing Is On Fire!

In Flamingo if you find muddy water you’ll find the fish… hungry fish. Mullet muddied areas provide refuge, camouflage and food for predatory fish like Snook, Redfish, Trout and Tarpon. The great news is the fish that gravitate to those “muds” are there for a single main reason… to eat. While muddy water may mean … [Read more…]