The winds finally laid down

What a week! The winds finally laid down, the flats and bites were filled with clean water and it seemed like the fish were everywhere. It was our first week of real Springtime action and it will hopefully continue for weeks to come. Double Trouble When the weather cooperates in Flamingo, the sky is absolutely … [Read more…]

Flamingo Thanksgiving

After a week filled with thankful reflection and family reunion, I find myself stuck without words to describe my appreciation for many blessings.  Aside from the obvious, there is one several of us here have in common.  This year, with talk surrounding possible closure, I am particularly thankful for the current access to Everglades National … [Read more…]

Chilly Temperatures Fishing

This week was plagued by chilly temperatures, heavy North winds and extreme low water. While many anglers chose to head into Whitewater Bay and the black waters within, I decided not to give up on the consistent fishing in Florida Bay just yet. Unfortunately, the conditions made it difficult and some days were tougher than … [Read more…]

Fishing In and Around Cold Fronts

When it comes to fishing in and around Cold Fronts, you can throw your typical game plan out the window. An impending Cold Front typically means increased (sometimes drastically) winds and a sharp drop in temperature. Like an immediate reach for your favorite jacket, the fish seek warmth just as fast… and they’ll eat like … [Read more…]

The Student and the Pro

Unlike last week where I had a rookie and a couple of fly touting writers, this week I was fortunate to have experienced Everglades’ anglers aboard. The result was a two day catching spree second to none. On Friday, Carlos Gutierrez ”The Student” joined me with no expectations and only promises of exploring Whitewater Bay … [Read more…]